The Curse of Amberly Manor

What is it?
The Curse of Amberly Manor is a digital online escape room game, for 2-10 players (you must have at least 2 players connected on seperate devices/computers/tablets).

What do I need?
To play the game you need a home PC/Mac/Laptop or tablet running Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge with sound. We strongly recommend that you do not play this game on your smart phone as the screen is too small.

How does it work?
Once purchased, you will be given a website address to visit along with a Game ID and Password. You need to share this information with the rest of your team. Once you login you will be placed in the lobby. The first player to login will have control of the lobby. When all of your team have arrived you can start the game, at which point your briefing will begin. The clock will not start until you actually access the main part of the game.

How long do I have?
This game has a fixed 60 minutes to play. However, the time does not start until you join the game after the briefing. Also, if you close the browser and leave the game the clock will pause until you return.

What if we get stuck?
The game has an in-built clue system. You can request a clue at any time, the less clues the better. The clue will be tailored to the stage of the game you are currently facing. You do not loose any game time by asking for a clue, but a penalty of 5 minutes is shown against your final time for each clue used.

How do I interact with my team?
If you are playing remotly we recommend setting up a video call between your team members using something like Zoom, Facetime, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, HouseParty, Teams or another service.

What happens if I loose my Internet connection?
The room will automatically reconnect you, and if all else fails, reload the page and log back in. If for some reason your entire team looses access to the game, the game will automatically pause so you can resume where you left off once you all connect again.

What happens if I can't play the game?
Your game will be available for 60 days from the purchase date. You can only play the game once. To be entitled to a refund, you play time must be less than 10 minutes.

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