How to Play - Its all in the Tactics!


There isn't much to it, assemble your team and make sure you work well together!

Communication is key, as it a mixed set of skills and perspectives.

  • Get right into it the moment it starts
  • Search the room carefully and thoroughly, examine everything and every object carefully
  • Don't all crowd around the same puzzle
  • Communicate! - Shout out what you've found
  • Don't be afraid to try everything, and let everyone else try everything
  • Listen to what your team is saying!
  • Don't over-think the puzzles. If you can't solve something it probably means you haven't got all the pieces yet
  • Organise things you have collected, all items are only used once
  • If you get stuck or feel you aren’t progressing, request a clue. Each clue adds 5 minutes onto your final time! But better than not escaping at all!
  • HAVE FUN! - Remember, it's a game!

Rules for Physical Games

All games have rules, anyone found breaking the rules will be evicted from the room!

  • Do Not Climb on Anything
  • Do Not Break Anything! Nothing needs forcing
  • Do Not move the furniture
  • Do Not move anything with Hazzard Tape on it
  • Do Not use tools to disassemble anything
  • Do Not use any of your own items inside
  • Do Not remove anything from the room
  • Do Not adjust or touch the lighting in the room
  • Anyone under 15 must be accompanied by an adult
No Cameras No Phones No Smoking or Vaping


A few words of caution

  • Do Not play if you suffer from Claustrophobia
  • Do Not play if you have pre-existing medical conditions
  • We may use Light (including Strobe Effects), Fog or Sudden Noises
  • Just so you know, you're not actually locked in!