How the Murder Mystery Works

How it Works

After purchase you will be issued a Game ID and password, as well as a website address to run the story from.

Each actor joins the story by logging into the website with the same game ID and password.

Each player can then choose to take on the role/act one or more of the characters within the story.

When all the characters have been picked and everyone is ready you can watch the opening introduction video, which will explain the situation right up until now.

Then, the murder happens...!

The story will guide you through acting/speaking your part in the story, and at the end of each round everyone will get the opportunity to guess who they think did the murder, and why they think this.

At the end of the story, the murderer is revealed, and they are given the final part of the story to read which explains their reason.

After you have heard how the murder happened and why, you view see everyone’s guesses and their reasons, seeing who is the best detective.

You can play the story at your own pace, there is no time limit, you can leave the story and resume at any time.

Each player will be automatically prompted to act their lines, and can tell the story when you have finished. There are no time restrictions.


If you are all in the same room, we recommend playing on your phone, this way the script will be presented to each player in-tern and you can easily act the part in front of each other.

If you are playing remotely then you will need to organise a video or phone call between the players. You can then play the story on either your phone, a tablet or a computer

Play again?

Whilst the outcome will not change, you can reset the story and play it again as many times as you want. The only restriction is that your login will only last for 1 year from the date that you last logged into it.